The best reason to go to war is love.




A Special Forces soldier and his family become missionaries on the front lines of war. This exclusive documentary chronicles their amazing 25-year journey to free the oppressed.


Dave Eubank is a rare hero. A former U.S. Special Forces soldier-turned combat missionary, Dave has a lot to teach us about purpose, family, and the true nature of the world we live in. Over the past 20 years Dave, his wife Karen, and three young children, ventured into war zones where they found the oppressed and trained them to stand up to atrocities. They now command more than 70 ranger teams doing tours in Burma, Sudan & Iraq. Our film will highlight ten key points in their twenty year journey - from firefights to heroic rescues - allowing audiences to experience their incredible lives while learning key lessons from one of the most inspired families in the world today.


Over the past decade, Dave Eubank and his family have been written about in nearly every major media outlet (CBS, Washington Post, LA TimesCNN, PRIFox, Channel 4 UK) but never in a film. After rejection offers from HBO, Vice, and others, Dave Eubank and FBR have given Deidox Films exclusive access to tell their entire story in a feature documentary.


FREE BURMA RANGER (working title) is a feature-length documentary shot and directed by Chris Sinclair. Deidox Films, a non-profit film production company based in Austin, TX, has joined to direct, produce, and finish the film.